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Only 10 of these things available

Hey it's Makaih Beats, gonna release my beat chillflow on all my social media in 2 weeks and as part of my select group you can own and/or resell one of the only 10 basic leases that's ever gonna exist for it. You can buy one or more of the 10 copies for $33.55 right now with your debit or credit card here and list it for the min price of $50 or more when it drops or just keep it to use for your own use as its still a basic lease but now resellable.

Preview the nft and beat right now here

Every where I release the beat online I will link to the chillflow nft collection.

After purchase email so I can personally help you get your wallet set up to get your nft when it drops in 2 weeks


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Permanent Damage

New Beat - Attraction

Beat of the week (Pressure)


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